Amber Flag

Amber Flag

We are very excited to announce that here at St. John’s Junior N.S. we have been embarking on a new adventure. We are now taking on the challenge of obtaining an Amber Flag for our school! The Amber Flag initiative is an initiative run by Pieta House which recognises the individual efforts of primary and secondary schools, youth reach, third level institutions, community groups, clubs and companies to create healthy, inclusive environments that support mental wellbeing. Wellbeing promotion is important in our school and we are committed to promoting positive wellbeing throughout our school community. We understand the importance of maintaining a positive wellbeing and the role it plays in creating a positive environment where all are healthy, happy and achieve their best. Here at St John’s JNS, we endeavour to promote mental health in the classroom, to teach children about wellbeing and to instil positive attitudes towards mental health in our pupils. 

Each month we have had a well-being focus in school. Our focus has included:

 Gratitude practice



 Kindness towards others, kind self - talk,



 Celebrating our strengths and achievements

 `Inside Out Day` 

While well-being activities are integrated into the school day throughout the year, we will now take some extra time to highlight the importance of wellbeing during this special week.

As part of our Amber Flag Initiative, we have planned a Well-being week and a number of activities for both students and parents alike to enjoy .

We will be facilitating an `Inside Out Day` on Friday, 12 th May, to raise funds for Pieta House. Pieta House is an organisation that works tirelessly to generate and nourish hope amongst those suffering with their mental health in Ireland. Please see our jam packed itinerary across for more details.



As part of our Well-being Week, children have no homework for the week. We have a Wellbeing menu below in case pupils choose to practice some optional wellbeing activities at home.

Alternatively you may like to just spend this week as a family engaging in any enjoyable activities of your choice that enhance your physical and mental health.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind our whole school community to prioritise your well-being too and try to take some extra time this week to focus on what makes you feel happy and supports your own wellbeing. 

Have some well earned ‘me’ time and prioritise your own self-care. 

Please find some resources to support parent well-being below:

1. Bernardos – Wellbeing for Parents

2. Mental Health Podcasts and Apps

3. Mental Health Resources

We really look forward to see you all get involved and do your bit to foster your mental health and well -being!

Wellbeing Week 2023 - An Optional Munu of Activities

well-being week activities and parents.docx