Green Flag

We at St. John’s Junior Schools are delighted to be part of the Green School’s Initiative. We have achieved four green flags to date. Our first flag was for Litter and Waste, the second was awarded for Energy, our third flag is for Water and our most recent flag is for Travel.

Our Green Flag Committee is made up of pupils from First and Second class.

Our Green Flag committee is made up of representatives from First and Second class. We include Senior Infants after Easter each year.

They work very hard to maintain the flags we have achieved while working towards our next flag.

As part of our efforts to cut down waste, we ask that the children use re-useable flasks and bottles for their drinks, rather than single use plastics and cartons. We are delighted with the response to this request and the use of single use plastics has reduced from 100% to 6%. We are aiming to eliminate single use plastics completely.

Our parents have made some great pieces of Art using recycled materials. They really brighten up the school.

The Second Classes took part in the Picker Pals programme. The children took home the Picker Pal Pack and tidied their local areas.

Mrs Kehoe’s class featured in one of the Picker Pal programmes on TV having recycled milk cartons to make lovely Bird Feeders.

We were also delighted to win the Kilkenny Picker Pals Quiz and Mayor Andrew McGuinness presented us with our prize, a book voucher.

This April 2022, Ms Coe and Ms Kehoe’s second classes took part in the National Spring Clean, part of the Green School programme. Well done everyone, the school and local area are spotless!

Our second Green Flag was awarded for Energy efficiency. We are very conscious about our energy usage and our new classrooms have smart lighting systems. We teach the children about the importance of saving energy at home and in school and they are all familiar with Guzzler. He is not very good with energy and wastes a lot of it. The children help him to be more energy efficient and hopefully they will learn ways of saving energy too!

We were awarded our third green flag for water! Well done to everyone who worked so hard to achieve it, especially the green flag committee.

We are lucky to be so close to the River Nore. We went on a River Walk to see some of the wildlife that live along the River Nore. We saw two fox cubs playing on the river bank! All the children wore wear blue to raise awareness of the importance of water to all living things.

We are learning all about water and the importance of keeping it clean and conserving it. The Green Flag committee found some interesting facts about water.

Did you know up to 8 litres of water can be lost by letting the tap run while brushing your teeth!!

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Green flag for travel

On May 25th 2022 we were awarded our fourth Green Flag for Travel. It is a great achievement for all the children in the school. We've really enjoyed scoot or cycle to school days. Every class has been learnng about how to travel sustainably, and lead an active life. To mark the day we had a ceremony and an Ice Cream truck on site to give everyone a well earned reward for all their hard work and effort.

A visit from Garda Andy to talk about Road Safety for Cycle on Wednesday during Cycle to School Week.

Scoot to School Week

Chiara Hanrahan, the Travel Officer from Kilkenny County Council, giving us some Safety Tips about Scooting.